How many times do we find ourselves backed into a corner by our own reactive emotions? We feel triggered and locked into a downward spin cycle…

Nobody likes to be in this tight, emotional spot, and we usually struggle mightily to escape.

After a while, we hit the wall, slow down, take a breath. And then we start to see, and most importantly, feel more clearly.

In that moment we have the opportunity to take responsibility for ourselves. Then comes ownership of our part and the ability to feel deeply into it.

With practice and time we can slow ourselves down and find forgiveness; forgiveness of ourselves and others, along with the individual and collective parts we play in the entire issue.

Practice can be as simple as breathwork, taking a walk, or turning inward with meditation.

Sit with it, be with it, and feel into it.

Julia and I think of this as; ‘the only way out….is through!’

Within this new peace and clarity, we find our own inner guidance. It’s only then we can rise out of the emotional rollercoaster ride we have been on.

The key, is non-attachment.

Seeing each moment as part of a Beautiful Ride, a Technicolor Journey. Allow yourself to sit back, look at everything with Grand Perspective, and most importantly, just enjoy the ride that our lives truly are.

The good and the bad – all of it adds to the richness, beauty, and fulfilment of this thing we call life.

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