Taking that first step and making a positive change for you and your life, is as simple as booking a call with us.

‘I want to feel better about myself.’  Denise

BOOK YOUR INITIAL FREE CALL with us now, where you can share your situation with us in a safe space.

In the call you will:
  • Have instant relief about your situation
  • Feel that you are truly heard
  • Go from anxious to calm
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Gain awareness and clarity about your situation
  • Finish the call with a sense of relief
We will help you move through your obstacles and create the life you love.

Please note: If you book a call time and don’t show up, this time could have been useful for someone else who needs our help. We would appreciate if you would honor your booking, and we look forward to helping you.
** If you are booking towards the end of the month and cannot see any more available times and dates, please click on the blue arrow in the top right corner of the calendar - it will take you to the next month.

** So that you can feel fulfilled, peaceful, and happy.

Julia and Don ❤️

About Us

We are Julia and Don. For years we have been helping individuals like you, move past feeling stuck so you can live the life you love.

We create a safe space, there’s no judgement – it’s as if we’re simply having a conversation. We know how to make you feel comfortable. This allows you to be open, and honest about what you’re going through, and feel instant relief after your call.

How It Works

Our call together lasts about an hour.

Many people feel anxious showing up initially. There’s no need to be worried. We’re simply having a conversation. You’re going to feel completely heard, and totally supported.

Your first FREE session is your opportunity to tell us about what’s brought you here. What we’ve noticed is that everyone who comes to us feels heard and instant relief from this call.

We are your champions of change – because there is a way forward, and you don’t have to find it alone.

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